Ex-dividend planning tool

The DivTracker team specifically created this one of a kind tool for folks who prefer to manually reinvest dividend payments rather than DRIP.

Some comments users have made:

“If I feel like my portfolio is getting too conservative, I might look for those that currently have the highest yield, even if they don’t have appealing div increases in the last few years”

I try to choose stocks that are in a sector where I’m lighter

Very useful if I don’t currently have a bunch of money in certain sectors, unless there’s one that I feel is particularly strong and it’s worth the overweighting.

Helps me focus on next month’s ExDiv equities rather than the ones that are going ExDiv in three days

I think div yield, div growth, and current holdings are the most important ones for me (call it tier one), followed by sector, day, and frequency.

Ok, now on to the visuals. Tapping ‘Options’ will allow sort/filter dialogs

If you want to include all of your watchlist stocks (Menu > Pulse > Watchlist) for comparison purpose, tap here.

Adjust the sliders to the desired filter limits. Each slider max value is unique to the subset of data for the month selected.

In the screenshot above, Jan2021 is just for changing the “Est $155.3” display. It lets you quickly recall how much you had made in the given month to reinvest. The Feb2021 actually drives the stocks displayed below.

Once you are ready to view the stocks for comparison purposes, swipe left to view additional details.

Income% and Equity% are representing a percentage compared to your current portfolio metrics. In this example, Microsoft is 9% of the portfolio’s total income and equity represents 22% of total portfolio. Continuing right, the Ex-div recovery represents an average number of days the stock took, after the ex-dividend date, to recover back to what the price was on the ex-dividend date.

Tapping on the stock’s icon will take you to a high level stock view.