Uploading a CSV

At the time, we only accept imports for USA exchanges .

On your computer, start by locating a .csv (comma separated file) from your brokerage account, or compiling it yourself. The sample file to make your format similar to can be located here: https://api.divtrackerapp.com/example.csv. Then open a web browser and go to:


First select ‘Choose File’ and locate your file from your computer that you just got into the correct format.

Second, choose a simple passcode that will be used within DivTracker App to locate the file. Note that once you use the passcode, it will be removed from the system for security purposes.

Third, tap ‘Validate File’ to get a sneak peak into what validation errors you may experience.

In the above example, the user put FDRXX** as the symbol, instead of FDRXX, and that is why it is highlighted red. In the case you have RED cells, please go back to your original computer csv and resolve the issue.

PREFERREDS: There is an additional “P” in Divtracker’s preferred’s. So for example BAC-N would be “BAC-PN”. BAC-A would be BAC-PA.

After clicking ‘Submit’ you will receive a confirmation:

Now, back in the DivTracker app, navigate to Menu > Import (towards the bottom).

Tap ‘Next Step’ now that you have your passcode.

Once you input the code, tap the lookup icon and you should be able to scroll down and see your data

Now tell Divtracker which columns on your CSV go to which columns in the system

Once satisfied, tap ‘Create Portfolio’ and your portfolio will now be imported under your account.

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