Platinum Features

No more Advertising!

Multi-calendar support (Ex-dividend, Payment, and Earnings Dates!)

Backup/sync persists even if you have you reinstall the app – all tied to your phone number (no need to remember yet another password)

Consolidated Portfolio. Dynamically builds a view of all of your selected portfolios to be viewed on almost all screens within Divtracker

Real time pricing (where available) on the Summary screen.


Import and Export of CSV files

TotalValue Portfolio. For those with multiple portfolios wanting to see aggregates.

Top 10 Div Comparison by annual payout amount highlights where you may be overweight

DRIP (Dividend reinvestment) by symbol toggle and backend process automatically updates your shares based on our best estimate – if we get it wrong, you can always edit it!

Foreign tax rates for each symbol will automatically calculate on each screen

Foreign currency conversions on each screen

Passcode protection

Mass Notifications

Portfolio Feed across all your portfolios.

Ex-dividend planning/forecasting tool for those who do not DRIP.

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