Ticker Detail > More Screen

We couldn’t figure out how to add all this functionality on Ticker Detail, so it moved into a snazzy “More” section. Let us explain….

Most of these features are intuitive. Edit, Delete..

Peers has some extra crowd sourcing data! We all are curious to know what else is out there..

Dividend Reinvestment is another item that needs some explanation.

We have a back end process that runs every night and performs the following:

             ➢Scan all of your dividend stocks with a payment date after now and an ex-div date after the date you inputted into DivTracker.

             ➢Calculate DRIP Amount: (payment amount x shares) + (prior DRIP shares x payment amount)

             ➢Calculate DRIP Shares: (payment amount x shares) + (prior DRIP shares x payment amount) / share price

             ➢Create a ‘pending’ DRIP row to view at Ticker Detail > More > Div Reinvestment

             ➢Flip ‘pending’ to ‘paid’ once payment date is in the past

The DRIPs can be viewed under the “More” > Div Reinvestment screen. If you do not see one, or you see one incorrectly, you can edit and manipulate this information.

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